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We know that science classes can be frustrating- especially if you're trying to chase your dreams of becoming a doctor, engineer, or professor when it's a constant battle to conquer your Earth Science lesson. 


Teens Study STEM is a passionate youth-led organization that provides this zero-cost learning platform to help students in all fields of science. We seek to serve and supplement students from all backgrounds to help them nurture their passions for science. We strive to do that by providing free online science and math programs, mentoring, scientific literature and other tools to enable students to get a head start/supplement their education in the science field. We believe that by empowering students in science or math, they will become more inspired, change the world, and achieve what the future awaits them.

Our Mission: Meet the Founder


Hello! My name is Folakemi Fregene, and I am a high school junior in Austin Texas. Many students give up on becoming a science major because of its extensive rigor. Students often miss out on the wonderful opportunities that await them because science can be tough. Through tutoring other students and friends in school, I realized many lost their motivation to become doctors, engineers, or programmers because they didn’t feel like they were “good enough” in their math or science class. Even with those struggles, some students I knew didn’t have good access to tutoring, school support, or resources. People throughout the world struggle to chase their aspirations because their difficult classes may bring them down, thinking they don’t have the grades or understanding to perform well in their dream major. Some students battle with difficult home life, financial barriers, or forms of neglect. The examples can go on. What if those students had more support? What types of brilliant opportunities could they reach from that passion if they had just a bit more assistance? This rising generation holds so much potential for the future of our world. 


And so, I founded Teens Study STEM. 


On this zero-cost platform, I have the privilege to be able to merge my love for biology, the branches of science, and mentoring all in one. Even though I cannot solve educational barriers as a whole, I want to make an impact on as many people as possible. I hope this platform can foster passion, assistance, and support in students to reach the glowing opportunities that await them.


Please show your support by checking out this platform! If you have any questions or feedback we’d be happy to hear from you. Check out Contact Us.


Are you interested in helping students grow, furthering your own passions, or gaining more experience in STEM? Check out Contact Us and fill out the form. We’d be excited to have you on our team!

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